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Just a note on my book reviews:

Firstly, I personally read all the books I review on my site. There is no little book gremlin living under my desk that reads them for me.

He had to move out.

My reviews are my own and they are, of course, my honest and unbiased opinion.

You may not always agree with me and that is ok! Feel free to leave a comment – just keep it polite please!

My book reviews do not use a rating system, personally, as a reader I go very little by these. I find they add little to a review and they are hard to make a consistent and fair judgement on. Therefore I like to try and be as fair to the author as I can be – they worked hard after all. 

If the book gods ever shine on me and I receive any books from publishers for review it will be clearly stated on my blog (but this would not change my honest review!)

Ok, so depending in what format you are reading this – (my blog appears differently on mobile, tablet to PC) let me try and direct you to the Book Review Categories section on either the right or bottom of this page. You will see a list of author names. Clicking on the author’s name of your choice will take you to the post containing my review of their book(s).

You will also see genres list. Clicking on a genre will show you all the posts with book reviews of that genre. Sometimes I do a list of books from the same genre in one post, sometimes I mix them up. I am fickle!

book pick of the month:

Each month I select a personal favourite from the books I have read. Please note: The months stated below are when I chose to read the books not necessarily when they were published.

May 2020


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April 2020

The Things You Find in Rockpools by Gregg Dunnett

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March 2020

The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson

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February 2020

Deep Dark Secrets by Keri Beevis

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January 2020

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

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December 2019

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy

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November 2019

My Penguin Year by Lindsay McCrae

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October 2019

The Umbrella Mouse by Anna Fargher

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10th October 2019

The Hungry Bookling blog was born!! – Hoorah!

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