I am Shelley, a novice writer, artist and poet with a lifelong obsession for books, more books and carrot cake (it must have frosting…yum) oh and chocolate cake….ok all cake. Just do not serve cake with custard. Please. I like custard just not with cake. I do not know why. It’s a childhood thing. I am also the person whose recent lack of sleep has led to an ongoing taste test of herbal teas (peppermint is my current favourite, but this could change).  I have way too many packets of herbal tea in my cupboard. It’s like a rainbow of tea.


Feel free to leave comments (that would make my day!) or contact me… but do read the comments section in the disclaimer first…knowledge is a good thing…and the disclaimer does not like to be ignored…it gets lonely and grumpy.  

I started ‘The Hungry Bookling’ to share my love of books…with some of my own sketches and work thrown in for your amusement. Hopefully, it will entertain you in your lunch hour or whenever you are reading this! I do not claim to be good at what I do, but I do enjoy it and with that said I hope you enjoy my blog too!


Shelley aka The Hungry Bookling 


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Book Reviews:

I, (Shelley Aston of ‘The Hungry Bookling’) confirm all my book/products reviews stated on my blog and are of my honest personal opinion, should I, at any stage, receive any books from publishers for review it will be clearly stated on my blog.  Please note I will only accept requests for book reviews direct from publishers. 

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