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I have happily spent the day drawing this little fellow…

Building a collection

And it occurred to me while I was drawing just how much we need hobbies in our lives, now more than ever. Those few hours of contented squidgy moments in-between the fragments of brittle responsibility and sharply pointed reality. 

I have seen some incredible artwork, illustrations, photography, creative writing and poetry lately, both on Twitter and – a nod to all my fellow awesome bloggers – on so many blogs. I look at them in awe, the talent and uniqueness of so many is very overwhelming. At first, it all left me and my little blog feeling rather inferior. I am not an expert by any means and my drawings are simple to say the least. I have a ridiculous love for books, writing and art and that is about it, but is that enough? Especially when I am surrounded by so many who are so much more talented than I am. 

The answer is yes, it is enough. 

My drawings do not compare to the likes of the greatest illustrators or artists of my generation or beyond. Nor does my creative writing match the so many talented authors I read every day…but it makes me happy and that is enough for me. 

So, I would encourage anyone thinking about starting a new hobby, but talking yourself out of it simply because you feel you aren’t good enough to start now! Pick up then pen, knitting needle or paintbrush and get going. We all have that spark inside us and we are good enough! 

Thank you to all the writers, artists, photographers and bloggers out there that continue to be a constant inspiration to me. 

I’m off to start reading my new selection of books…yay!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

8 thoughts on “Some hobbies and a Happy Monday

  1. beth says:

    yes, go for it!

    1. Thanks for your support Beth!

  2. Donna Dunstan says:

    I love this drawing and despite what you might think, you are really talented and are an inspiration to others! Your artwork and your writing always make me happy too 🙂

    1. That is so kind Donna thank you you have made my day!!

  3. Graymand says:

    Happy Monday and happy blogging to you!

    1. Thank you Graymand!! You are a star!

  4. Sarah McEvily says:

    Thanks, I’ve been wanting to reteach myself to crochet so this may be my push to do it!

    1. Thats great to hear! Yes don’t put it off any longer!

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