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Perhaps I am the one that is being foolish here. After all, here I am again letting you know that my ‘imagination page’ has been updated, in my usual subtle way…

Straight to the point. That’s me.

I only ever meant ‘The Swimming Pool King’ as a piece of short fiction, I kind of like the idea of leaving the reader guessing. Then again, who am I to deny the request of anyone kind enough to read my work?

And so I added just a little bit more and this time from Karen’s perspective.

Click here for quickness. After all, I don’t know how much time you have when you read this, you could be on your lunch break, homeschooling the kids or attempting to homeschool the kids whilst trying to get black marker out of the carpet/clothing/off the dining table. Take your pick. Who’s idea was it to let them have marker pens?

And don’t even think about giving them glitter.

There will be more of my fiction and poetry of course. Aren’t you lucky. As if lockdown wasn’t enough.

It’s ok, you wont be bombarded just yet, the ideas have yet to deem me worthy enough to appear in my brain.

Someone pass me an oil can, my thought process is a little rusty.

Wait, don’t tell me it’s out of stock, or someone’s stockpiling it somewhere along with the nations toilet roll? Typical.

Oh well in the mean time, back to the drawing board or in my case the graphics tablet. I had a mild panic when I realised my pen nib was nearly used up, but then I remembered the spares in the cap.

Don’t even think about stockpiling on my graphic pen nibs – ok.

No one likes an angry bookling.

Ooh by the way, the book I am reading at the moment is fantastic so far. I will update on my next post.

I had the idea to include a few different genres in my next set of book reviews, something for everyone (or there abouts!)

On that note, let me know what you think to the ‘Swimming Pool King Part 2’ when you have a minute. It sounds like it would benefit from a dramatic sounding voice over, but I don’t have the budget. Maybe it would also benefit from a red editing pen. I will let you decide. Comments welcome.

Let me just go hide first please.

Have the best day you can,

And as always, stay safe and well everyone!!

**Update: As of 23.04.2020, I am no longer an Amazon Associate and so their image links will no longer appear on this site. Thank you.**

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