The Cat, the bus-stop and some adventures

Ok. I just have a small message before I begin my blog today.  I know we are all experiencing difficult and unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus. I have been reassured by the acts of kindness I have seen and I would like to think that kindness, decency, consideration and compassion for each other are the traits that will shine through the hard times ahead. I would like to personally thank the NHS/medical workers, care/support workers, supermarket workers and all front-line staff, whose handwork and dedication is truly inspirational. Stay safe everyone. 

In my small part I will be posting more over the coming months in hopes that my blog posts will provide some lighthearted relief and company for for you all. 

I hope you enjoy and so on that note I shall begin….

Let me tell you about Jasper. He was not just any cat…yes I know every pet owner will say that about their pets…you will just have to trust me I guess. He was an unusual, fat ginger fluff ball of a cat with a quirky personality. Jasper was not a lap cat by any means, he would grace you with his presence by sitting near you, but he never suffocated you for attention. I always had the opinion that Jasper was an equal, if not slightly superior to me!


When I was a kid, the bus stop was only a short walk up the path from my house and so every morning I would walk to the bus stop and wait for the school bus. On occasion Jasper would accompany me. He would trot along behind me and then sit on the wall behind the bus stop staring at me through the glass until my bus arrived. I would often tell him to go home – worried he might run out into the road, but he never did. He simply sat patiently staring at me, with his green eyes, through the glass. Then when the bus arrived and I was in my seat I would watch him through the window, he would turn and casually trot back home. Was he my security guard?…who knows!  But, I often wondered what if one day he got on the bus with me. Just me and my travelling cat and all the adventures we would have together! I think that is what being a kid is all about – a sense of adventure and imagination. 

Let’s face it, I think we all could do with some imagination right now – kids and adults alike. In uncertain times it is good to escape in a good book and so my book reviews this time are some fantastic children’s books that I think adult’s will equally enjoy. Plus, it will keep the kids occupied for a time – you are welcome homeschooling parents! As with any children’s book review I do I always recommend the parent read it first and judge for themselves! I am particularly proud of my book choices as I think I have discovered some real gems! 

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The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson 

This is a children’s fiction fantasy book aimed at 9-12 years olds and centres around a young girl called Marinka who lives with her grandmother Baba Yaga in a magic house with chicken legs. Yes you heard correctly. Baba Yaga’s purpose in life is the guiding of spirits to the beyond and Marinka is struggling with accepting that it will soon be her future purpose too. 

So, I need to start by saying everyone – children, young adults and adults alike should all read this book! I read this book in one sitting and could not put it down and yes I would happily read it again…and again. This is an incredible work of fiction and is a life affirming, highly imaginative, joyous, emotional masterpiece quite simply there is magic in these pages and it transcends the reader to a highly unusual and fascinating world. The characters are all believable and freshly written. The whole book has such an ease of reading that it is a shame to finish it. I want to shout it from the rooftops about this book, but the rooftop of the house with chicken legs would be even better please… When can I move in? (I would say I travel light but that wouldn’t be truthful!)

To all the parents out there your child will love this book and to all the adults out there so will you! I was surprised at how much I truly loved this book and I cannot wait to read more by this author. 

The Pear Affair by Judith Eagle 

This is a smartly written and highly appealing children’s adventure story. Penelope ‘Nell’ is a young girl who goes on an adventure in Paris in the hopes of tracking down much loved and missed Perrine ‘Pear’ who helped to bring her up. In my opinion, the story flows so easily and is well-plotted. It has all the elements that children will love bought together with a really likeable central character and her misfit bunch of friends all set in the fantastic location of Paris. The author’s love for Paris is evident in her writing and is so enjoyable. I loved making dens and hideouts when I was a kid and this book has a unique take on this! It is aimed at 9-12 year olds but I as an adult loved it too! I think, ‘The Pear Affair’ is a sweet treat of a story that children are sure to love! 

The Longest Night of Charlie Noon by Christopher Edge 

Charlie, Dizzy and Johnny are three kids who following a series of events end up lost in the woods and there the real adventure begins. This is is so much more than a mystery adventure. This is a remarkably told and surprising story at every twist and turn. There are many coded messages within the book with the final message being the strongest of all. This is an incredible, must read to say much more would ruin it (so don’t judge the book by the shortness of my review!) I will simply say this – discover the adventure for yourself! Aimed at ages 9-11 years, but, wow adults have to read this too – seriously, You will see what I mean!

I am so happy to have read the above books, I cannot tell you how much. They are just what I needed!

I would love for your feedback and if you have chosen to read any of the books I recommend I would love to know what you think, as always! 

Just a quick reminder, you are still able to vote for your favourite genre of books for me to review on my previous blog post. For those of you have already voted…thank you!… I will be reviewing all of your genre choices in upcoming book reviews. So stay tuned!

On a final note, I just want to wish all my readers the very best…stay well my fellow booklings and thank you as always for supporting my blog. 

Updating again very soon – watch this space! 


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    My son has read The House with Chicken Legs. I’ll have to see if I already donated it (sadly, I think I did) or if I can read it myself too!

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