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I can’t believe I am actively and blatantly encouraging this but here goes…

Subtle huh…

I couldn’t put up a neon flashing sign.

Some of you may have already noticed the ‘Imagination’ tab on my blog, this is where some of my poems and short fiction are stored for your amusement. Granted, I haven’t being updating it as much as I should, (no surprise there) but that changes now. I have just updated one of my pieces of short fiction ‘The Swimming Pool King‘ and there will be more poems and short stories to follow.

What I have quickly come to realise is that it is so much easier commenting on other people’s stories than the mere thought of other people commenting on mine, but you have got to put yourself out there right? Even if it is slowly but surely! I have always written stories and poems since being very little and I have always dreamed of being a writer. So, I guess in some small way this blog is giving me the opportunity to do just that.

So I guess this is my giant leap.

Ha ha I just like using the big font. I welcome any comments ( I can’t believe I am typing this!) No seriously I do.

Also, just to change things up a bit. I decided to share early one of the books I am reviewing in my next post, in the hopes that some of you may want to read along with me?

Just a note, for those of you viewing my blog in America, when you click on the book images it should now take you to, for you UK viewers it should still take you to I am not a whizz kid at this stuff so let me know if you have an issues with this!

And lastly, just a thank you to all you readers out there, your likes, comments and support means the world to little me!

**Update** Ok so there may be the slight chance that some of your genuine emails to my email have been enthusiastically eaten by my ambitious spam folder and I too have enthusiastically deleted them in error. If you have emailed me and I have not responded please do get back in touch. Unless of course you are spam, then please don’t. It is bad for my digestion.

8 thoughts on “A giant leap into my imagination…

  1. Corinna says:

    You have made my birthday today…I am so proud of you, reading your blogs makes me so happy because doing them makes you so happy!!! You are so unbelievably talented and it will be recognised…trust me xxxx

    1. Happy Birthday Corinna! Thank you for such an amazing comment it means so much to me. You are a star!

  2. Linda says:

    I too love reading your blog. You are so inspirational and very talented. Keep going my friend, the world is your oyster.

    1. Thank you so much! I may burst with such praise, knowing you are enjoying my posts is oyster enough ha ha

  3. Donna Dunstan says:

    Loved reading your short fiction, The Swimming Pool King! I wanted it to be longer though so I could find out more about Pete and the decisions he was going to be making. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

    1. Thanks Donna! Really appreciate your honest feedback..and now I have an excuse to write more!

  4. Damon says:

    Always brightens my day reading your stuff. Keep it up and to a successful new year

    1. Hi Damon, I’m so glad! Thank you – and it brightens my day knowing that too!

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