The Blues, The Surprise and the New Year

I believe my New Year blues started their tour earlier then scheduled because I was amongst the first in the queue to wear the t-shirt and it is already faded and shrunken. I should have bought a bigger size. With nothing particularly exciting planned in my diary and December proving to be overflowing with responsibility and routine (rather than excitement) I could see no change ahead of me, things were not working out as I had envisioned and quite frankly it was making me miserable. I was regularly feeling misunderstood and things just felt all a little bleak. 

Then I received a surprise gift from my sister and things began to change. Wait, I know how this sounds and I can’t believe I am saying this, but  please hear me out. You may have guessed the gift was a book, but to me in that moment it was so much more. I flicked through the pages and began to read aloud little excerpts and as I read each phrase was exactly what I needed to hear. It was as though the author already knew what I was thinking and knew exactly what to say to me. It felt like it was written just for me. I cannot remember reading a book before that has struck such a strong personal and emotional chord with me and I never, ever thought I would be blogging about it to the world, but here I am doing exactly that, because not to blog and tell the world about it would be an injustice. Yes I am that dramatic. It made me laugh and cry in the same breath and it made me re-evaluate the way I was thinking. This book is alive with poignant quotes of humour, hope and happiness and is truly a beautiful heartfelt book.  The quality of the book is exceptional, written like an artist notebook on thick pages, laden with quirky sketches and the unusual music scores lining the inside of the book cover, there is clearly an incredible amount of thought gone into this book. It is almost like it was designed to be reassuring. 

Everyone needs to read this book, because I think we all need to be reminded of the positive messages within its pages. It truly is for all ages and for all people. I think we all know someone who would benefit from this book including if we are honest, ourselves. 

So I guess I want to say thank you. Thank you to the author for writing this book, a book I will treasure and return to for a lifetime. And thank you to my sister (if you are reading this!) for recognising this book was just what I needed and ultimately for making me feel a little less misunderstood. I can’t believe I did not find it first! 

And the name of this book that warrants a post all to itself?

The Boy, The Mole. The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy

I feel like I am starting the New Year as I mean to go on – with hope. My wish is that you start it that way too! 

Now, is it too late to return my t-shirt? Ha ha.

Finally, thank you to everyone for reading my blog and wishing you all a very….

Happy New Year – I hope it is the best yet !!


  1. Donna Dunstan

    After reading your review I decided to order a copy of this book and I can’t wait to read it 🙂
    Happy New Year to you too Hungry Bookling!

      1. Sarah McEvily

        Shelley, my 10 yo son and I read this together last night (my husband was also nearby so he was peeking in as well). We absolutely loved it. Please note, this son HATES to read. He was asking me to bookmark pages! We adored the drawings (which I expected from him), but he really contemplated and took to heart the messages (which I was most definitely NOT expecting). Thank you for this recommendation. I plan to order at least 2 more copies as gifts via your link. To anyone reading this, please do yourself a favor – click on Shelley’s link and get a copy!

      2. thehungrybookling

        Hi Sarah! Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. Firstly thank you so much for your comment!! I am thrilled your son (and you too! ) loved the book. I was hoping you would. You know a book is good when it converts those who hates to read! I will be posting again soon so more recommendations to come and I am so thankful to you for your support!

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