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If you have read my previous posts (thank you!) you may have noticed in my book reviews that I will often discuss the illustrations or design elements of a book within my review. This is because to me these play an important part. I’m not just taking about illustrations and book covers exclusively here, but layouts and the overall uniqueness of how the book is presented.

‘The Strange Library’ by Haruki Murakami, which I reviewed in an earlier post is a good example of how the design of the book was carefully considered to really indulge the theme. From the library stamp pocket found on the front of the hardback edition to the unusual font layout and illustrations found inside.

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I see reading a book as an experience and I like to be wowed. Now that I am starting to see a greater consideration towards visually unusual ways of presenting books it makes me happy. Of course the quality of the writing has to match the presentation. I do not want to be let down by the writing, the two should always match. Style and Substance please. I guess what I am saying is I recognise that the author puts so much hard work into writing a book why not present it in a unique and original way too. Put the book’s best foot forward so to speak. Hopefully you get what I am trying to say! Now I am picturing a parade of walking books. I wonder where they buy their shoes? Do they leave bookmarks instead of footmarks? Ha ha.

Anyway. I do enjoy reading books in all formats which includes the odd audiobook too, but I must admit there is nothing nicer than receiving a beautiful book for a gift. It is just something rather special. (Family and friends this is not a hint just a statement!)

While I am thinking about it, just a further note on fonts (and I’m referring to physical books here) If I see an otherwise beautiful book with a tiny, cramped font it immediately puts me off buying it. (It is not because I’m getting older, I have thought this for a long time!) Instead, I will search around for an edition with a font that is larger and easier on the eye. I have in the past bought a book as a gift, only to discover the tiny writing inside. I accompanied it with a magnifying bookmark, but I am not sure if this aided the reading experience or not! Now I am much more careful before I buy.

I will be sharing my selection of uniquely designed books in a later post aptly marked Part 2! However, I first what to get your thoughts on this topic too. Do you agree or disagree with me? Comments are welcome. I’m also including some polls to get things started. Ironically, I could not increase the size of the poll font!

But please take part….




4 thoughts on “Hungry Bookling by design: Part 1

  1. Nick says:

    For those old enough to get it, books obviously buy their shoes from Freeman Hardback Willis…

    1. Ha ha, very funny!! I’m so glad you share my sense of humour!!

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