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Ok, so maybe I have always thought a little too much about books. I admit it. I am the personification of the hungry bookling. I am constantly on the hunt for the next book even when I already have a bookcase full of them. You see I buy a book for future me, I never know what mood I will be in, so when I pull a book from the shelf I need to know that I have a choice of them. So, I guess books are like a good bottle of wine. I need to let them age to perfection before use…well, I guess that is dependent on the kind of day I have had! Anyway books are a reliable comfort for me.

I was a lucky kid, my mum always wanted her daughters to be readers and to have access to books that she never did. I was three years old and my mum had already bought a second hand collection of Charles Dickens in the hopes that me and my sisters would one day read them. I still have that much loved collection today. 

It was inevitable that I grew up always with a book nearby. If I ever asked my mum for help with my homework she would simply smile and say “ Look it up – that’s what encyclopaedias are for!” 

That encyclopaedia set was heavy. 

When I ask my mum about it now she admits it was because she did not know the answers, but I like to think of it as she was teaching me to think and find the answers for myself. Thanks Mum!

I was definitely brought up with an appreciation for books. I still remember the very first book I bought for myself from a school fair – ‘Matilda’ by  (the genius) Roald Dahl. The first author who made me laugh out loud. I wish I could have met you Roald!

And so my journey with books began. 

Over the years I have had many ideas involving books…even owning my own bookshop one day. I have had thoughts of taking over an old abandoned subway and putting a bookshop in there. 

I would call it ‘End of the Line Books’ – what do you think? (FYI – I thought of that before the Kindle was invented)

The Subway Book Shop

Then there was the restaurant idea. 

Picture a restaurant where as well as food you would be handed a book menu with your coffee. 

Not to eat books of course. To read them. Just so we are clear. Somehow I can’t see it taking off – you would sit there with your coffee and book and take an age to leave the table, not really profitable is it?

How about filling a disused swimming pool with books and having just a few wingback chairs in there as well. You would have to wade your way through the books to get to the chairs of course…oh and watch out for the book shark. Ok so maybe that idea is a little far fetched. Anyway you are starting to understand my thought process now. 

And so we come to this blog. It was not my idea in the beginning, far from it. A best friend of mine (you know who you are!) suggested I start a blog, an idea that I quickly dismissed, for many reasons: 

Reasons I had not to start a blog: 

One: I had no idea where to start or what to write.

Two: I had become so familiar with writers block it was planning to move in with me. 

Three: It was on the internet – scary. 

Four: Strangers would judge me. Family and friends would judge me. Everyone would judge me. 

Five: I’m really quite anti-social in my personal life. A lifelong ambition of mine is to become a hermit. Hermit’s don’t use social media. Oh no…I would have to learn about social media. 

Six: It was a bad idea. 

Seven: It was a very bad idea. 

Eight: The worst idea ever and I have had a lot of bad ideas.


But my friend did not give up, last Christmas she bought me the book ‘Blogging for Dummies’, 6th Edition, by Amy Lupold Bair. My friend was clever, she knew I had to read it and read it I did. 

I began to have ideas, silly ideas. I know I thought…I could start a blog, but what could it be about?

So here I am, many months later (it has taken this long to build up the courage to do this, after all I do feel all the points in the above list still apply) I am about to embark on a book review blog, sharing my weird imagination, my love of books and my own poetry and writing (when my writers block steps aside) with the world. 

What could go wrong?

I can see the book shark circling now…

To all the ‘Hungry Booklings’ out there wish me luck!! 

PS: I don’t know what I am doing so kind of like me there may be a few links not working right, please be patient I am new to this and I am discombobulated (look it up it’s my favourite word..oh I’m turning into my mum)

Hungry Bookling Book Reviews

My book reviews do not use a rating system, personally, as a reader I go very little by these. I find they add little to a review and they are hard to make a consistent and fair judgement on. Therefore I like to try and be as fair to the author as I can be, they worked hard after all. 

Do you disagree with me on this? – Let me know what you think. 

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and they are helpful to you. At the end of the day, they are just my opinion and I would love to know your thoughts on them too! All stories like art are not for everyone and where some of us may think a story is tedious others may love it. 

Therefore I am happy to discuss the books I review and I would love to know what you think. Also, feel free to critique my own writing and poetry too which is found on the Imagination page. (I have to overcome my fear of judgement or at least become numb to it) 

Before leaving comments make sure you check out ‘The Disclaimer’ section on the About page. Thank you!

Finding a quiet place to read can be difficult…

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  1. Reanne says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to read more.

    1. Thank you for your support! I better get on with the next post..!!

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